Brotherhood of Brimstone: Gangster School 2

Thank you so much to Kate Wiseman for sharing an extract from her soon to be published novel The Brotherhood of Brimstone: Gangster School 2 with us as part of her blog tour.

The next day began in the time-honoured fashion, with a quick Assembly. This was Ms Martinet’s chance to keep the school updated with any news, and to humiliate anyone who’d annoyed her recently.

As Milly entered the Assembly Hall, placing her hand on one of the fingerprint identification devices before passing the cases of criminal artefacts and the badly stuffed body of Sir Bryon de Bohun, she was aware of an unexpected sense of belonging. I’ve only been here for a couple of months, but it feels like home. I know I’ll never lose my Dependable ways, but I’m starting to love it here anyway. It’s mad and weird and I don’t want it to change.

A sudden loud BANG drew Milly’s attention to the reinforced glass holding pen, in which the Tiny Tyrants – the members of Blaggard’s brand new nursery school - were caged when they attended assembly. On these occasions they were steered through the woods from their separate building, constructed on secluded ground just beyond Blaggard’s perimeter wall, by an army of staff wearing riot gear and supplied with shepherds’ crooks.

Today the Tiny Tyrants were being relatively well-behaved, although one of them – a three-year-old who was being teased by a face-pulling Year Ten on the other side of the glass – had just his picked up his little plastic chair and hurled it. It bounced off the sturdy glass, landing with a clatter.

Ms Martinet heard the noise and hurried over. She folded her arms and glared at toddler, who sat down immediately, sucking his thumb and whimpering. Milly smiled. We’ve GOT to find a way of keeping Ms Martinet here. She’s a genius!

The Head Teacher returned to her usual place at the centre of the school stage, tapping her foot with ill-concealed impatience as she waited for the students to assemble. The teachers settled into seats at the rear of the stage, in two long rows with their backs to the wall. Behind them, the huge flat screen that had recently been installed in it glowed blankly, highlighting the strange array of teachers.

Milly ran her eye along the rows. There was Edgar Borgia, Teacher of Fabrication, with his wide forehead and frightened blue eyes. Next to him were the dull dress and fierce glare of Jane Vipond, his girlfriend and teacher of Defiance and Discourtesy; then the Forgery teacher, Wilbur Molesworthy, short and stout with velvety black hair and thick glasses.

Not far from Molesworthy was one of Milly’s favourite teachers – Marius Babington, stroking his silky beard and probably scheming up the finer details of his next Betrayal lesson. And at the end of the first row, making sure that no one tampered with the fingerprint identification devices, was electronics genius Herman Blight. He was easily Charlie’s favourite teacher – the only one who had spotted any criminal potential in him. 

The Brotherhood of Brimstone: Gangster School 2 will be published by Zuntold on 24th September 2018. It's available from Amazon and all good book shops.

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