Fiction Book Review of
Gangster School 3:
Gruffles and the Killer Sheep

It’s always great fun to welcome middle grade author Kate Wiseman to to talk about writing and her hugely popular series Gangster School.  Today, we’re honored to be part of her blog tour for the third installment of Gangster School 3: Gruffles and The Killer Sheep.

Gangster School: The Series

Before we delve into Gangster School 3 here’s a quick catch up for those of you who are new to the series:

Milly Dillane and Charlie Partridge  attend Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants, the world’s oldest and best-respected school for future criminals. At Blaggard’s you major in lying, cheating and stealing.

Everything instilled in pupils at normal schools is turned on its head with bad behavior being celebrated at Blaggard’s. This poses a problem for Charlie and Milly both from stout felonious families but who themselves are non-criminals aka secret Dependables. They’re joined at Blaggard’s by Gruffles, Charlie’s dog who masquerades as a ghost dog because animals aren’t allowed  at the school.

Fiction Book Review: Gangster School 3

"It’s Crimicon – the annual meeting for promising young criminals – and this year it’s being held at Crumley’s, the dreaded School for Career Criminals, who also happen to be Blaggard’s bitterest rivals..."

I was excited to return to the world of Gangster School for the third time and Gruffles and the Killer Sheep didn't disappoint.

In Gangster School 3 Milly and Charlie find themselves at rival school Crumley’s for Crimicon, the annual meeting for young criminals.

They've been tasked by Blaggard’s head teacher Greselda Martinet with protecting fellow Blaggardian Jet Mannington and putting a stop to Crumley's head teacher Dr B L Zeebub’s plan to make Crumley's the top criminal school.

Crimicon is packed with wannabe criminals from schools such as Crimbridge, Herrersas Hacking Haven, Quagmire and Drumghouls all sharpening their skills at sessions such as Cooking Up Trouble, Prison Breaks and The Perfect Crime – An Urban Myth. As such, Crimicon provides a brilliant backdrop for this third adventure.

The action explodes on page one as Blaggard's teacher Edgar Borgia tries to regain control of the school bus which has developed a mind of its own on its way to Crimicon. And the pace continues throughout Milly and Charlie's quest to save Jet and stop Zeebub as they tangle with killer sheep, try to keep Gruffles safe and work out if Crumlean Trickery Hackett can be trusted or not.

Gangster School 3 features themes of loyalty and friendship and is packed wall-to-wall with humour that children will love. I rattled through this book in one sitting and laughed out loud several times.  I know when I read it to my children they will be begging for just one more chapter before they go to sleep. I can't wait for Gangster School 4!

Gruffles and The Killer Sheep - Gangster School Three is available from Amazon and other great book shops.

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