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WritingNV.com was born out of our love of writing and reading children’s books. We set-up this website in 2017 to share with you all the tips and useful information we’ve learned and continue to learn about writing. 

It might have crossed your mind about how this website supports itself... We are not paid for what we write on these pages. 

WritingNV.com supports itself through its affiliate relationships and advertising. This is how we’re able to provide you with all this free content and keep it up to date. Affiliates give us a small commission if you click through the links on our site and either sign up or make a purchase from them. 

However, these relationships do not influence what we write on our pages, neither do they mean that you pay any extra fees. You’ll either pay the same or less. And we happily include links to companies with which we have no relationship with if we feel it will benefit our visitors. In fact we have many links like this. 

The affiliate relationships we have, have been chosen because we feel they provide a benefit to our visitors. 

Currently, our only affiliate partner is Amazon. We’ve always got our eyes peeled for other affiliates and advertisers that would benefit our visitors.

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