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Book Designer, Editor and Author Interviews A-H

ASHBY, David
We welcome David to talk to us about his writing journey and his debut children's book Gribblebob's Book of Unpleasant Goblins.

Vicki Berwick joins us to talk about her journey of making her dream about writing plays a reality.

BODEN, Rachel
Rachel Boden, Editorial Director at Walker Books, joins us to talk about her career as an Editor.

Author Interviews - Tony Bradman

Tony Bradman joins us to talk about his role as lead author in the popular OUP reading scheme, Project X. Find out what's involved in writing kids' reading books for a reading scheme.

Author Interviews - Lorraine Cannell

CANNELL, Lorraine 
Lorraine Cannell, author of Hollow, a psychological thriller for teens, talks to us about writing and her experience of  Self Publishing with Amazon. Hollow, was longlisted in the 2017 Bath Novel Award. 

Lorraine joins us once again to celebrate the relaunch of Hollow and talk all things spooky.

CARGILL, Perdita and Honor
These talented co-authors of hilarious young adult series, Waiting for Callback published by Simon and Schuster talk to us about writing together.

COE, Catherine
Author and Editor Catherine Coe kindly spoke to Victoria's daughter Summer about writing kids' books. Summer is a huge fan of Catherine Coes' Blossom Wood series.

Author Mel Darbon  talks to us about writing kids' books and her debut novel Rosie Loves Jack

Script writer and Jiddy Vardy author, Ruth Estevez, joins us as part of her blog tour to talk about writing young adult fiction books, her writing journey and processes.

Author Interviews - Maz Evans

Maz Evans, author of the popular series, Who Let the Gods Out, joined us to talk about writing kids' books. Who Let the Gods Out, was published by Chicken House in February 2017.  It was chosen as the Waterstone’s Children’s Book of the Month and has received over 20 award nominations. 

GREGORY, Lorraine
Middle-Grade Children's author, Lorraine Gregory, joins us to talk about writing books for kids and winning the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for England and Ireland 2018. Lorraine is author of Mold and the Poison Plot. Her next book, The Maker of Monsters will be published in May 2019.

Author Interviews - Vashti Hardy

HARDY, Vashti 
Vashti Hardy, author of, middle-grade sky-ship adventure, Brightstorm, speaks to us about Writing Kids' Books. Vashti  was a primary school teacher for several years, and has a special interest in children’s writing, especially free-writing and the use of journals and creating fantasy worlds.

HOWE, Travis
Author and animator Travis Howe talks to us about his debut novel Animal Control: A Hero's Apprentice and how his career in animation affects the approach he takes to writing books.

Book Designer, Editor and Author Interviews I-P

Storyteller, illustrator and children's author Leonie Jane-Grey joined us to talk about being a storyteller, and creating her debut book Devon Folk Tales for Children.

Jennifer Killick

KILLICK, Jennifer
Jennifer Killick is author of the trouser splittingly funny series, Alex Sparrow. Jennifer talks to us about her popular series, writing process and journey to become a children's author.

Gerald Killingworth joins us to talk about his writing career, his advice to other writers and his latest book The Dead World of Lanthorne Ghules.

Simon Mason, Author

MASON, Simon
Simon joins us to talk about writing young adult fiction books and Hey, Sherlock! the latest offering in his award-winning Garvie Smith Mysteries series. 

Author Interviews - James Nicol

NICOL, James
Children's author, James Nicol, stopped by to talk to us about his adventures among books and writing A Witch Alone, number two in The Apprentice Witch series.

NOELLE, Marisa
Author of young adult and middle grade novels, Marisa Noelle joined us as part of her blog tour for her debut novel, The Shadow Keepers.

Author Interviews - K K Nikolaou

Children's author K.K Nikolaou stopped by to talk to us about writing kids' books and her debut novel, The Nokka.

Book Designer, Editor and Author Interviews Q-Z

Author Interviews - Jini Reddy

REDDY, Jini 
Award-winning author of guidebook Wild Times, Jini Reddy  did a phenomenal job of promoting her debut book which no doubt contributed to its success. Jini talks to us about being a writer and shares with us her recent experiences of marketing a book.

ROCHFORD, Michelle
Senior Fiction Designer at Hachette Children's Group in London, UK,  speaks to us about Designing Kids' Books.


Illustrator and debut author talks to us about her novel 'Lampie and the Children of the Sea' which she has both written and illustrated.

Ally Sherrick, award-winning author of middle grade historical novels Black Powder and The Buried Crown gives us an insight into how she goes about writing kids' books.

Nicki Thornton

Winner of the 2016 Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction competition has some great advice to share about writing and setting targets.

Winner of the 2015 Bath Children's Novel Award and author of Nordic Noir YA thriller The Hurting talks about her influences for the novel and journey to publication.

VICK, Chris
YA author of Kook and Storms, Chris Vick spoke to us about his love of surfing, marine conservation and writing journey.

VOAKE, Steve

A huge welcome to Steve, children's author and Senior Lecturer in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University. Steve talks to us about writing kids' books and how he balances that with his teaching.

We welcome, funny author Kate Wiseman to:
- talk about her writing journey 
- share her musings in a guest blog about the depiction of schools in fiction though the ages
- give us a glimpse into the life the a newly published author
- and to share an extract from The Brotherhood of Brimstone

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